Issues and Solutions

If you are confronted with one of the following questions or issues, then SILC Global is the right partner to assist you in solving these: 

  • We want to enter the Asian market. What are the best entry modes for our products? Could SILC Global find partners for us? 
  • We are expecting an increase in market growth. Where should we build a new factory to save operational costs, or alternatively, should we outsource our manufacturing? 
  • The European market seems to be attractive to promote and distribute our product. We need a good business plan for Europe. Could you evaluate our current business processes and supply chain, and develop a customized strategic plan for our network of operations? 
  • Our company is expanding rapidly and needs a flexible approach for our locations and real estate. Could you recommend ways to reduce the cost of our real estate assets? 
  • Our company intends to centralize European customer support functions, and is in need of a new location, with an appropriate number of multilingual employees. Could you help us to find the best location from which to conduct this new operation? 
  • We want to coordinate our European operations more effectively, and are in need of a European regional head office. What are the best countries and cities for us? 
  • Our company is closing down its operations in Eastern Europe and wants to sell all real estate assets. Could you develop and implement strategies to dispose of these assets? 
  • What are the main product and market aspects that are influencing our market entry strategy and requirements in Brazil?
  • Our company wants to consolidate some distribution centers in Asia. What is an optimized location and facility network, taking into consideration the inventory, transport, labor and real estate costs as well as the required delivery time?