Location and real estate research

SILC Global helps you identify and select the most suitable country, region, city, site, location and property, by assessing alternative locations, and aligning the location and property decisions with your corporate strategies. Through market evaluation and prioritization, site selection and screening, SILC Global assists your company to identify the optimal location by means of benchmarking countries, regions, cities, sites, and facilities. We can also assist you in determining the financial and operational feasibility, by analyzing business scenarios and compare costs, quality and flexibility of locations.

Services contain:  

  • Preparing and conducting benchmarks at various levels, including countries, regions, cities, science parks, business parks, sites and facilities (offices, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, Shared Service Centers, R&D-centers, Head offices) 
  • Due diligence and appraisal of real estate assets and portfolios 
  • Location screening, modeling and comparison 
  • Selection of real estate providers, real estate investors and procurement 
  • Quality control and sanity checks of location studies 
  • Support of business continuity and backup sites, locations and facilities.